Undercover – Offering Quality Services Of Car Polishing In Dubai Trusted By High-End Vehicle Owners

The excruciating Dubai heat and extreme weather conditions can have a poor effect on the exteriors of your luxury car. As a proud car owner in Dubai, you must really love that sleek and stylish ride of yours and want it to look perfect at all times. At Undercover, we understand your concerns and offer an exclusive range of premium services and solutions for top-of-the-line car polishing in Dubai.


Best-In-Class Dubai Car Polishing To Help You Protect & Enhance The Appearance Of Your Car

Our 3 stage polish paint correction removes swirl marks, scratches and enhances the paint back to showroom condition if not better! We source all our equipment from Europe, so we use Rupes orbital polishers, manufactured in Italy to achieve the best results.

By using a car polish with abrasive properties, we can remove swirl marks and light defects, as well as producing unbeatable levels of gloss.

This 3 stage paint correction procedure will transform the appearance of your paintwork – we use 3 different polish products; a paint correction polish to start, followed by a medium polish and finally a finishing polish.

Car Polishing Of The Finest Quality

As a high-end car detailing facility, we at Undercover offer an array of car polishing services for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We draw from our decade’s worth of experience in providing professional services and possess technical expertise that is aimed at achieving results that go beyond our clients’ expectations. For us, it is a priority to ascertain that our clients receive the best value for their money.

Our team of world-class car care experts are specifically trained to make sure that each car at our facility is treated with utmost perfection. This is achieved by using high-end products and following procedures in which meticulous attention is paid to even the of smallest details. We wish to build a strong bond with our clients and ascertain elite level customer services at all times.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or questions you may have about our services. We treat every job and car with its own requirements and look forward to working with you.