Undercover Brings The Most Amazing Range Of Paint Protection Films In Dubai

There is more to your luxury car than it being just a mode of transportation. It is a long-term investment; one that deserves ultimate care and protection to maintain its value, and keep its spectacular appearance intact. It also requires premium quality paint protection to ascertain that it is adequately protected against harsh weather conditions, abrasions, scratches, and corrosions for years at end.


Paint protection films are the ultimate solution to all your car paint-related concerns. PPF Dubai film make sure that your car stays in its original condition and does not get damaged due to the harsh weather conditions of the UAE. The team of highly trained personnel at Undercover is here to apply premium quality paint protection films in Dubai on your luxury vehicle at our boutique luxury car care center. Whether you are interested in Xpel PPF or would prefer Hexis PPF for your vehicle, we are in the position to cater to your needs in a precise and dedicated manner.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Exteriors With A Quality PPF In Dubai

The thermoplastic urethane film offered by Undercover forms an almost invisible shield to protect your vehicle’s paint work. We offer different levels of coverage for your vehicle. This includes:
Partial coverage:
Front kit – offering full protection to the entire front end of the car, coverage includes the complete bonnet, complete front wings, full front bumper, headlights and wing mirrors. Or protect individual panels, bonnet, fender, bumper (front/back)
Complete coverage:
This is ultimate package for total peace of mind, comprehensive protection covering all externally painted panels and carbon fibre lacquered trim.
Additional options such as Matte PPF and Gloss Black PPF is also available, enquire today to find out how you could protect your car in an alternative way.