Our intensive clean using the best quality products, removes all dirt and grime, restoring your car to its full potential.

Our pre-wash softens dirt and grime, which is then followed by an intensive clean using lambswool mitts, PH neutral shampoo, soft brushes and two bucket cleaning method.

The car is rinsed to remove all shampoo and dirt from the first stage clean.

We use a citrus degreaser and tar remover to agitate the necessary high-impact areas with soft, non-scratch detailing brushes.

The Paintwork, Glass and Alloys are then decontaminated using fallout removers to breakdown any bonded contaminants and impurities including brake dust residue and iron filings.

The vehicle undergoes a second rinse, using snow foam solution to ensure all product residue has been successfully removed prior to drying.

Finally, the Paintwork is hand dried with the highest quality deep pile microfibre towels.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or questions you may have about our services. We treat every job and car with its own requirements and look forward to working with you.